Monday, 11 October 2010

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Check out some videos that have been spread around on various web sites.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Last Sunday we eventually used our days guided fishing with Andrew Cartwright after winning the wild trout auction earlier in the year. We were intending to use “normal” fly rods for most of the session but the Tenkara rod is always in the boot. Fishing was excellent, conversation came round to Tenkara fishing. Andrew had read about this method and was keen to give it a go. Out came the rod, a quick demo of setting up the rod and furled leader I handed the rod over to Andrew who added a duo of nymphs to start. Almost immediately he was into a trout, first reaction was to reach for the line! Once past this and with the method of landing and unhooking fish mastered enjoyment followed. After lunch and showing Sonia and I the best runs to fish Andrew changed to the dry fly. Again fish kept taking the fly. Talking to Andrew at the end of the session, the conclusions were.
1. Why do you need a £500 set up with rod reel and line when a £100 tenkara set up is better.
2. The Tenkara rod does everything that normal rod are capable of with the extra reach.

I am now about to loan our two rods to Andrew so that he can assess them over the next month so as to decide which to buy for his clients who have already enquired about the technique.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Llay Bridge

19th May
Arrived at the Alyn around 10am determined to try and get used to the new rod. Today I tried a cut down version of a furled leader measuring 3ft with 3ft of 7x tippet. I'm finding it very difficult to get used to the casting stroke, trying to get a perfect cast is at the moment beyond me! I think it's a combination of the leader set up and my casting? Due to my wayward casting the fish that were taking from the surface decided to disappear. Walked upstream taking in the wildlife and seeing my first Coot on our river. Overtook a new member I moved onto the run about the Two bridges, fish were rising in the run below where I was. Fishing a LDO dry downstream,  3 fell to this method all around 8in.
Spent the next 40mins chatting to another 2 anglers about the state of the river and the club. It's very interesting to find my views about the river and club are not personal  to me! it's a shame the club does not want to listen.

  1. 3 browns,  Two Bridges, LDO

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New Rod

18th May.
Due to loss of my old rod an reel, Old age, I left it on the river a few weeks back when I went back it had been stolen. I stopped at Stapley and acquired a 7ft 3 weight Snowbe brook rod. The action is not the same as the old one, very firm it's going to take a while to get to terms with it! All my furled leaders are too heavy so a quick furl and I have a lightweight dry leader of 6ft in length, Will have to wait and see if it's the right length? Arrived at the river Alyn in North Wales around 4pm. Weather is hot and still, fly life every where. Set up with a 7x 3ft tippet and a size 20 CDC dry.
First cast, first fish.
What a mess! The action is very tippy not soft like my old rod. Fishing the dry down stream tempting a small brown to the fly, working my way up stream large mayfly are hatching, many more than normal for this river? Problem is no fish are rising to them or other fly-life? In the end I resort to downstream wet fly and after many runs with no bites a hook into another small brown taking a PTN. All over for the night total for today is.
  1. Brown trout, Sewage works - size 20 CDC dry.
  2. Brown trout, Above sewage weir - size 18 PTN wet.